What is Kids Pilates?

I offer the services of STOTT Pilates as well as a type of Pilates for children ages 4-13 years called Kids Pilates with M.E.. STOTT Pilates is the contemporary approach to the original exercise method that was founded by Joseph Pilates. STOTT Pilates along with a team of sport scientists, physiotherapists and fitness professionals have refined this method of exercise by including modern principles of exercise science and rehabilitation. The exercises are designed to improve an individual’s flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness as well as to help injured athletes and dancers safely return to exercise and maintain their fitness. Through performing Pilates exercises an individual’s coordination is improved and specific sequential breathing methods combined with intense concentration on a specific body part is used in order to create an effective exercise routine.

This exercise method provides an all-around exercise routine; it is a low impact form of exercise that assists with better posture and improved muscle tone. An individual is able to learn how to align their spine, creating the illusion of lengthening and building a stronger and improved posture.

Children and adults however have different needs when it comes to exercise, development and growth; children are still developing and are in need of exercise that is more passive rather than active so as to not disturb the natural developmental process of their bones, ligaments, joints and muscles through the aging process. It is for this reason that Kids Pilates with M.E. was created and aimed at adapting the principles of Pilates to better suit the bodily needs of children. Children are thus able to endure a fun experience but at the same time still reap the benefits that occur from performing the Pilates exercises.

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